What is Parish Nursing?

Parish nursing practice is also known as Faith Community Nursing practice. Parish Nursing is a health ministry within a faith community. In the tradition of the disciples whom Jesus sent out to heal the sick, parish nurses seek to promote health and healing within our congregation and the community. The focus is on promoting health, preventing illness, and promoting recovery in individuals, families, congregations and the community through supporting people and empowering them to take more control of their own health. Parish Nursing is part of a broader outreach-health ministry. A health ministry focuses on the health and healing needs of the members of the faith community and its extended community. In faith communities, people find continuing connectedness, encouragement, hope and love. Health ministries continue this tradition by centering on personal presence, listening and teaching. Examples include visiting the homebound or sick; encouraging healthy lifestyles; providing support to individuals and groups; presenting information on health promotion and disease prevention; monitoring individual concerns and needs; and connecting through written and telephone communication.

Who is the Parish Nurse?
Hello! I am Anne-Marie, your Parish Nurse!

Parish nurses are registered nurses who hold a current certificate of competence from the College of Nurses of Ontario. They have extensive health care experience, strong faith, and special education and/or experience in parish nursing. They work with the clergy, pastoral care team and the Health Committee to promote the church as a place of health and healing. Parish Nursing combines professional expertise with a Christian “call” to ministry, integrating faith and service in an effort to promote health, healing, and wholeness of mind, body, and spirit from birth to death. It is a practical way to help provide the loving hands and feet of Christ to serve and comfort those in need.


Goals of the Parish Nursing Ministry

  • To empower individuals, families and congregations to cope with health challenges.
  • To promote families' resiliency to the stresses of daily living and health challenges.
  • To provide education about health practices and illness prevention strategies to congregation and the community.
  • To assist individuals, families, and congregations to use spiritual and other resources to promote their own health and wellness.

What services do we offer?

  • Health education for individuals, families and the community. Workshops on a variety of topics - watch bulletin board for upcoming workshops. Bulletin inserts from the Parish Nurse on health promotion.
  • Health counseling, emotional support, and encouragement.
  • Problem-solving helping to identify concerns and options and provide support for your choice of solutions.
  • Advocating on your behalf with the health care system.
  • Connecting you with community resources.
  • Monitoring ongoing health conditions (e.g., blood pressure problems)
  • Interpreting health information and helping to navigate the health care system.
  • Support by making home and hospital visits.
  • Collaboration.

Parish Nursing Role

All Parish Nursing services are free of charge and completely confidential. Parish Nurse provides a heath care ministry that assists the parish members in their physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. The ministry is rooted in the scripture, specifically Jesus command to “preach and heal the sick” (Luke 9:2).The acronym “ HEALTH” is used to describe the role of the Parish Nurse.

H - Health Counsellor
E - Educator
A - Advocate/Resource Person
L - Liaison to Community Services
T - Teacher of volunteer and support groups
H - Healer in mind, body, and spirit

The Role of A Parish Nurse Can Enhance:
The Congregations Health and Ministries
The Minister’s Ministry
The Ministry in the Community

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